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Fire alarm systems

Technology in fire alarm systems is constantly changing, but the goal always remains the same, to protect life and property.

Sense Fire Ltd can offer every type of fire alarm system available. We design, install, commission, certify and maintain all fire alarm systems types. We can supply fire alarm equipment and devices on a wholesale basis, just contact us for more details of what you require.

Fire Alarm Systems

We offer our customers a range of fire systems that provide you with a reliable, flexible, user friendly and stable product, offering all the benefits of conventional, analogue addressable, aspirating, and radio wireless detection systems without any closed protocol concerns.

Non-addressable/conventional fire alarm systems

A low-cost solution for the small to medium sized premises, subtle looking panels which are easy to use, multiple detectors and call points can be installed within zones of the building. When a detector/device is activated, it will give you the zone location at the fire alarm panel, and the sounders will activate. This type of system also provides relays within the panel which can be utilised to dial a monitoring station/fire brigade, shut down gas supply, open access doors for exit of the building or connecting to other fire alarm panels. All of these systmes comply with BS5839 Part 1, Part 6 or Part 8. Our representatives can advise you on the system that will be suitable for you.

Addressable fire alarm systems

Addressable fire alarm systems are the suitable for the medium to large premises, and are state-of-the-art. They provide all of the functions of a conventional system and much more. More devices can be installed with an addressable system, providing much greater coverage. Each device when activated or viewed has its own unique text (address) telling you exactly where the deivce is, which reduces search time in the event of an actual fire when activated. The cause and effect programming with this type of system is limitless. Some of the more common programming includes fire door releasing, door access control override to assist in evacuation, time delay activation, phased evacuation (essential in multi-storey premises), signalling to all other types of fire equipment, e.g. sprinkler systems, monitoring station alert and smoke damper shutdown.

We can design the most suitable cause and effect program for your fire alarm system, which will comply with current legislation.

Aspirating smoke detection systems

Being aware of any possible fire risk as soon as possible is certainly an advantage, which can protect life and your business. Aspirating smoke detection systems can deliver that awareness. This type of smoke detection samples the air by a network of pipes with sampling points, it then passes through the detectors’ laser and looks for smoke particles. This type of system is fully programmable to give a range of sensitivity levels, and can be a versatile system that will work well as a stand-alone unit or can be linked in to any existing fire alarm system. The performance of aspirating smoke detection is often utilised in data server rooms and disaster recovery centres where early indication is crucial. It has many other applications and we have installed aspirating detection in the following areas:

  • Film and television studios
  • Stately and listed buildings
  • Warehouse racking
  • Hotels
  • Care homes
  • Clean rooms
  • Indoor stadiums

Gas suppression extinguishing systems

With the need to protect vital equipment in order to keep your business running becoming more important, we are able to offer gas extinguishing systems, whereby an area/room, has its own stand alone fire alarm system, which upon activation a gas extinguishing agent is released, and the fire risk is eliminated. This genre of system is usually installed in server and telecom rooms. From complete new installations to the replacement of and old system, we have the capability to design, install, commission and maintain this type of system, including room integrity tests. Contact us to see how a gas suppression system can protect your business.

Water mist suppression systems

Much like gas suppression systems, water mist extinguishing systems can be a more versatile extinguishing system, it operates in the same way but can be used to protect areas that are not sealed, many of our customers use this to protect generator rooms and other areas with mechanical equipment that is essential to protect from a fire risk.

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